Pine Island Real Estate & Information

Pine Island Real Estate & Information

As one of the largest islands in the southeastern region of Florida, Pine Island is made up of five different communities and two main cities. Matlacha is one of the small communities that has a bridge connecting the main land to the island and is also very popular for many anglers lined up along the side. Two other communities include Sanibel and Captiva where there are mostly stop signs and small shops. Pine Island, Florida real estate is surrounded by acres of palms trees, tropical plants and fruit groves. There's plenty of water to go fishing and boating that makes living in Pine Island relaxing and laid back.

Shopping and Dining

There's a colorful selection of art galleries to choose from located near Pine Island, Florida real estate. This area is not only known for fishing, but its art. The island's art display shows in colorful bungalows, cottages and walls alongside its small town roads. Matlacha is one of the more popular communities known for its art displays. The food in Pine Island is just as colorful. Restaurants consists of mostly fresh seafood, but there are other choices as well including burgers and pizza. Yet, the specialty is seafood as the city makes its main income through catching and selling seafood from shrimp to mullets.One of the main shopping areas to go to is the Westfield Broward Mall where there are several outlet shops inside.

Parks and Recreation

Boating and fishing is the main recreation in Pine Island. Fishing is so popular that some hotels allow guests to cast bait from their hotel room. Much of Pine Island, Florida real estate is stationed near parks, water and open areas. There are several soccer fields, concession stand, and a playground in the Pine Island Park. There are a couple RV parks for people who are traveling to enjoy some vacation time in the area and mobile home parks for those who want to enjoy a more simpler way of life. Two main parks to enjoy are located right outside of Pine Island in Fort Myers and Cayo Costa including Lover's Key and Cayo Costa State Park. Outside of fishing, guests can go kayaking and canoeing in the Aquatic Preserves in Pine Island.


As one of the largest islands in the west coast of Florida, Pine Island consists of mangroves rather than white sandy beaches. Located about 20 minutes from Cape Coral and 30 minutes from Ft Myers, Pine Islands protects its secluded and quaint charm without high-rise development. Pine Island, Florida real estate is not abundant, but it's a comfortable living with the median price for a home being $75,181. The population reaches a little more than 2,000 people and there are a few apartment complexes and condos available to rent or own for a very reasonable price, spending less than $500 a month. St. James is one of the two main cities in Pine Island and offers some waterholes where wildlife can be seen along with a number of seafood eateries.

Schools, Healthcare and Transportation

There's one elementary school located in Bokeelia, the second main city in Pine Island, complete with palms and tropical fruits. Local high schools are outside of the area within 20 minutes commuting. Education is excellent as there are about 232 kids within the elementary school and not many students per teacher.

There's limited resources for health care facilities in Pine Island, but there is a clinic and a few nursing homes. There are about 15 healthcare facilities within a 60 mile radius with an average wait time of 30 minutes.

As the international airport is about an hour away from Pine Island, there are taxis and shuttles available that will get visitors from and to the airport and hotel. Cars are mostly used for transportation and limo service. Boats are considered a great way to get around especially for those who plan to fish out on the water.

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